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Sep 24, 2009 at 05:37 PM

Our Falconry Displays are exciting and educational for both Adults and Children, we are teaching the Art of Falconry at our displays, this timeless art never ceases to amaze ourselves and the public.


We are now incorporating the public into our displays by bring them up close and personal giving them a hands on approch.

Our Marquee is 40ft x 30ft and we bring about 23 birds to every display falcons,hawks and owls, we are fully insured and carry all the paperwork for using birds of prey.Our displays are about 30 - 40 mins twice a day, and are accompanied with music. To see our set up visit our our picture gallery.

We Will require a fenced off area to fly min 30 meters x 30 meters , and a public address system with headset microphone.   If weather conditions dictate that the birds are unable to be flown, the full fee will remain payable.

Cost per day POA throught the country.

We are Available for Country shows, Fetes, and all Corporate Events.

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